What We Do for Our Members
  • Establish the industry as the primary channel for all architectural openings products.
  • Serve as the primary resource for professional development in the industry.
  • Maintain and enhance a widely accepted credentialing system based on competence.
  • Serve as the effective advocating voice for the architectural openings industry.
  • Establish DHI as the primary resource on matters relating to the industry's needs.

Our Guiding Principles as Members

  • We pledge to actively work to improve the safety, security and convenience of the built environment.
  • We pledge to recommend the selection and use of products appropriate in quality and harmonious in design for each project.
  • We pledge to maintain our individual skills by participating in continuing education and to actively support educational opportunities for all fellow industry professionals.
  • We pledge to promote and support good business practices in the organization that we work for and in the association that we represent as members.
  • We pledge to conduct ourselves honestly and professionally in all of our dealings with customers, suppliers, and fellow industry professionals.


Download Corporate Membership Application

Life Membership Requirements & Application Form


Download Individual Membership Application

If you already have a DHI-issued ID number* your information will already be in the system. Please take this opportunity to review your information and make any necessary updates to your contact information. If you are visiting the site for the first time and have not been issued an ID number, please contact Member Services at 703/222-2010.

*A DHI-issued ID number can be found on most printed mail pieces that you receive from DHI. The 5-6 digit number on the mailing label is the ID number that you will use to navigate your way around the system.


As a member, you know DHI is the leading voice for the architectural openings industry and is the only organization to provide the education and certification you need to be a professional in the industry. Through participation in our education program, you have the opportunity to advance your career, increase your effectiveness as an industry professional, and network with your peers. As a member who cares about their professional association and the value it provides, you should always be looking for ways to help others share in the benefits of DHI membership. As a professional association that cares about its members, DHI will be there to recognize you for your efforts. Along with your participation and support of our programs and education, recruiting new members is yet another way to help strengthen DHI.

Through our Member-Get-A-Member program, we can build a bigger, better, stronger organization for you. The more members we have, the louder our voice becomes. With an increased membership, we have the opportunity to expand the valuable professional education and certification programs that we are recognized for.


Refer a colleague and/or friend to join DHI and they will experience the benefits of technology transfer/exchange, access to a diverse community of industry experts, career advancement assistance, leadership opportunities, and more.

There are several ways you can help build a better, bigger, stronger DHI!

E-mail — Send an email to Member Services and provide contact information for your referrals. Please remember to include their full mailing and E-mail addresses.*

Phone — Call Member Services at 703.222.2010 with the information.

Mail/Fax — Download a Member Get a Member Form (pdf), fill it out and mail or fax it to Member Services at 703-222-2410.

DHI Member Services will send a letter and membership information packet to the names you provide. Each membership application will include a "recruited by" section that will create a link between you and the referral(s) you provide. The link will be used to track all the members recruited during the campaign year.

*Note: Personal contact information received will be kept confidential

Member-Get-A-Member Program Rules

  • To receive credit for each new member, the recruiter's name must appear in the "Recruited by" section of the application.
  • A new member is officially credited to the sponsor when the candidate is accepted for membership and dues have been received.
  • All applications and membership dues must be received between January 1 and December 31 to be counted toward that year's membership campaign.


DHI membership is increased and recruiters automatically receive the following recognition for their efforts:

  • Special mention in a column in the Plan Room
  • Special mention in the Door and Hardware magazine
  • DHI pin
  • Recruit 1-5 new members and receive a complimentary "business card" size advertisement in select issues of Door and Hardware magazine
  • Recruit 6-15 new members and receive a complimentary 1/6 page advertisement in select issues of Door and Hardware magazine
  • Recruit 16+ new members and receive a complimentary 1-page advertisement in select issues of Door and Hardware magazine

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